CS-Cart Upgrade Services

Get all the features of the new CS-Cart version and boost performance of your online store with our upgrade service.

Main problems an upgrade will solve

The site is working very slowly, errors occur

Latest version of the CS-Cart platform uses PHP 7, the fastest version of PHP. Your web store’s pages will load within seconds, and your online customers won’t be nervous about slow speed—even if you use the cheapest VPS hosting.

You are losing customers who shop by mobile devices

Today, 40% of customers shop using mobile devices, and that number is growing each year. Upgrading to a new version of CS-Cart gives you a fully responsive web design, making the online shop website a perfect fit for mobile devices.

Lack of functionality,
expensive to customize

The new software version adds fixes and upgrades to your web store to take your CS-Cart experience to the next level. It improves many processes, such as sales optimization, increased conversion rates and administration experience, and improved search engine optimization (SEO). Plus, the number of add-ons for latest version of CS-Cart exceeds the number of add-ons for versions 1.x and 2.x. on the Marketplace.

How do we implement it?

The workflow of upgrade services cannot be standard for every client and depends on your online store data. We gathered all steps depending on the complexity of upgrade.

1. Database transfer

Latest versions of the CS-Cart platform are not compatible with earliest versions. That is why we follow this scheme during database upgrade:

latest version 4.x or 3.x From 3.x or 4.x latest version 2.2.4 2.x From 2.x latest version 2.2.4 sp4 1.3.5 1.x From 1.x

Before we start working we make a backup copy of your online shop and carefully copy it to the test server to preserve all data.

2. Upgrading custom modifications

Starting with version 3.х, CS-Cart has new software architecture that is based on a new enhancement approach (API). The source code of most PHP and template files has been rewritten. So the most of modifications developed for earlier CS-Cart versions will not work in new version.

When upgrading modifications we examine functionality of each of them and develop them from scratch using the API of latest CS-Cart, which guarantees smooth and quick upgrade to the future versions.

3. Design integration

After upgrading a web shop, its old design usually requires upgrading too. If you use unique design templates, we will adapt them to the new version or integrate them anew.

We also provide design creation services so we can help you create a unique design for your online shop platform by making insignificant code changes to the standard styles. You will get a modern upgraded web store for modest budget.

As a result, your internet store has default look and feel and functionality of the latest CS-Cart software version with products, images, logo, banners, options, features, categories, users, orders, pages etc. from your current version of the CS-Cart platform.

What sets us apart


We don’t close a live online store during database upgrade

We will create a copy of your web shop database and upload it to our test server. Then we will perform the database upgrade on our test server, after which you can check the results on our server. After your confirmation of approval, we will transfer the upgraded database to your live server.


We guarantee that no data will be lost during upgrade

You will not lose any clients or orders during upgrade. We will back up your internet store before upgrade and carefully transfer all information to the live online shop after upgrade.


We test the entire functionality after upgrade

You can be sure that your web store works correctly after upgrade. First we test all its functionality on the test server and then recheck all functions and pages of the shop platform on the live online store. We also provide a 100-day warranty for the service rendered.

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