Server management

Database Server Management is about controlling and administering the database server. Our DevOps team specializes in servers for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor online stores.

If you are a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor owner, developer team or a digital agency, you’ve come to the right place. We have the expertise to maintain and properly run your complex and highly loaded projects.

Leave the server worries to professionals who have the experience, skills, and know-how of managing servers. Our server management services entail:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Performance optimization
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance

Installation and configuration

installation and configuration

The first step is installing and configuring the servers. However, prior to the installation we plan the deployment to ensure the greatest effectiveness of your Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. This includes planning:

  • Your zone layout
  • Server location and function
  • Average traffic and load
  • Integration of DNS infrastructure with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

All this allows us to get you the most suitable server and make sure you don’t overpay for unused capacity.

When the server is selected, we:

  • prepare a new server for the project release
  • set up environment to ensure that your PHP applications always run smoothly
  • help you migrate from one server to another with minimum downtime
  • install an operating system, set up software, and prepare the project for migration
  • arrange the maintenance work to migrate the site
  • switch traffic to the new server and change the DNS record
server shield

When configuration of high-performance server for your project is over, we provide you with all the access details so that you can start working on the new server.

This marks the beginning of the warranty period, during which we will fix any issues that may appear in the performance of the new server for free.

Note: If you’ve already chosen a server, we’ll need SSH access to the server or access to the control panel (cPanel, ISPManager, etc.).



Server maintenance is a real big deal. Like regular health check-ups at your doctor to make sure that everything is fine, servers also need to be regularly monitored to ensure that they are working optimally.

We monitor and maintain servers to ensure they are running smoothly. We monitor server health and troubleshoot problems as they occur. We upgrade server software, apply security patches, as well as prevent DoS and DDoS attacks within an application, and respond to incidents 24/7.

Our process

Before we start monitoring, we’ll ask you to provide us with SSH access to the server or control panel (cPanel, ISPManage, etc.).

Our specialist will analyze server performance, make a list of preparatory work and the manager will let you know the terms and conditions of the service.

Once all the details are discussed, we’ll ask you to provide access to:

  • Hosting provider account
  • Domain register panel
  • DNS web interface

Once we complete the work, we’ll inform you that the maintenance service comes into action, which will mark the first day of the service.

More information about server maintenance is given in the “Service Level Agreement (SLA)” section.

Performance optimization

installation and configuration

To satisfy Google speed standards and convenience of your online store visitors, the website should be loaded for no longer than half a second. Our experts will help you make your online project performance as fast as possible.

We help speed up websites by determining and eliminating the causes of the slow website performance. Preparing projects for high loads, we upgrade software, optimize settings, and measure results. We run load tests, profile applications, consult developers about improving server response time.

Our process

To track down server configuration issues, we need SSH access to the server or access to the control panel (cPanel, ISPManager, etc.).

In some case the settings cannot be configured without overriding them due to limited functionality of the control panel.

So we inform you in advance what we can improve and what is not under our control.

We perform the analysis and inform you about the results and the expected growth after optimization, give recommendations. This allows you to evaluate the necessity of our work before you make a payment.

When the list of work to be done, cost, and time frames are approved, you pay the invoice and our specialist starts working on your project.
In case the optimization requires a temporary shutdown, we will contact you to arrange a site downtime for server maintenance.

Depending on the plan you choose, we will either inform you when all the work is done, or email you a report on the results of the optimization.



When launching a commercial project it’s crucial to take care of server monitoring — a special system that will keep you in the loop of things. You’ll know exactly what happened, what caused the issue, and how to fix it to prevent it in the future.

We connect your online store to the monitoring system and respond to server issues before users are even aware about them. Our server monitoring services not only provide detailed information on the health of your server, but also include performance benchmarking, alerting capabilities, failure forecasting, detailed reporting, data visualizations, etc. to keep your website and network running smoothly.

Our process

The project manager will ask you to decide how you want to be notified of incidents (via email, Slack, Jabber) and provide an estimate for the project.

In order to start working, we’ll need SSH access to the server or access to the control panel (cPanel, ISPManager, etc.).

Once we access your server, our specialist will set up monitoring and inform you when it’s ready. It usually takes us 1 day to set up server monitoring.

From that very moment you’ll be notified of incidents that occur in the server performance.

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