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We guarantee that our development services are of the highest quality. We give special importance to development standards and make sure that no bugs are present in the modifications we give to clients.

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How do we achieve such rates?

The QA specialist takes good care of each project, performing thorough testing before the project is passed back to the client. We are also the first and only company among CS-Cart developers who has launched Code review of 100% of projects.

QA services

For each project, we have a baseline level of testing provided for free prior to release to the client. For enterprise-level projects, we usually offer special QA services with an additional charge.

Free QA services for each project

Functional testing

Our QA team pays attention to functional testing, as this type of testing verifies the compliance of developed functions of the CS-Cart online store with requirements and specifications, other project documents, and users’ expectations concerning how the CS-Cart store should operate.

User testing

We test the project on desktop and mobile devices as well as in all browsers to make sure that we provide the optimal user experience across all platforms, help visitors achieve their intended task, and (overall) to increase conversions.

What can I do if I have found a bug in the modification?

If you happen to find a bug or notice incorrect operation of the modification within 100 days, we will fix it for free. You should email us at It is important to describe the issue in detail to help us more quickly fix it; follow the “Right” list below to help us respond to your particular situation.


Nothing is working


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Steps to reproduce the issue
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Additional QA services for enterprise level projects

Automatic testing

Automatic testing is useful for large and high-loaded projects. We create software that examines functionality in the automatic mode on a timely basis to find bugs and conflicts between old and new functionality.

Regressive testing

Regressive testing verifies that changes made to the existing functionality and newly added functionality have not inadvertently affected other areas of the code. The introduction of new functionality to a site should not negatively impact the existing, tested code. Regressive testing is very important when there are continuous changes/ improvements added to the modification.

Load testing

We’ve implemented projects for stores with tens or hundreds of thousands visitors per day. For such projects, we create a system prototype to carry out testing of static and dynamic loads and monitor page loading time.

We prepared an article about QA services in our blog. Read more

Code Review

Code review is a compulsory checking of all written code for security and compliance with the established standards of CS-Cart and Simtech Development.

It doesn’t matter if the code was written by our most junior or most senior developer. After review, the code should conform to existing style guidelines.

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code review services

Issues that are resolved by Code review:

  • The code is impossible to support or expand by a new developer
  • The modification can not be upgraded
  • The modification is impossible to be used with different settings or in a different store
  • Data breach/data security issues (just one bug inserted into a line of code can steal important data)

You will find more information about Code review on blog.

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