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It does not matter whether you are launching a startup or you have an online store that is falling apart and requires reconstruction. In any case, it is possible to turn your business to the next level of success. We offer a fundamental approach to development and handle everything gloves off.

The features you will love

Mobile commerce ready

Generate leads from anywhere. Your store will be adapted to any device.

Quick launch

We work in the Scrum system. Get ready to launch your store with minimum functionality in one to two months.

Search engine optimized

Once the store is launched, it will have all required tools, necessary for search engine optimization.

Multiple languages

Selling abroad? The store will identify the customer’s location, support multiple languages, recalculate currency, and switch over shipping and payment methods.

Performance optimized

Your store is highly loaded? We will increase the capacity of the site up to 1,000 users per day, preserving the high speed of loading.

Multiple storefronts

We separate unrelated product categories between different storefronts and manage them via a single admin panel.

7 steps to a website you dream about

Let’s look through the key stages of creating an online store to learn how enjoyable the process can be:

  1. Drafting and design
  2. Layout creation
  3. Software implementation and integration with 3rd-party systems
  4. CMS & Payments setup
  5. Server management & Performance optimization
  6. QA & Code Review
  7. Technical support

Attractive design and user-friendly interface

Today, users are very choosy, and most of them will leave a website if it looks complicated or untrustworthy. Have you heard about behavioral ranking factors considered by search engines? If the user leaves the page without really looking it through, the search engine decreases the quality evaluation of your website.

That is why it is very important to make your site interesting for customers as well as make it easier for them to find the necessary product and buy it.

Design is built upon an idea. We will be persistent to understand your competitive edge and focus on it.

As a rule, we start development with an interactive prototype to provide a high-level of convenience of your web store. Do you monitor user behavior on your website? The first thing we do when reconstructing an existing website is examine the statistics in Google Analytics.

We can offer several options for design creation suitable for any budget.
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Mobile optimization

Everybody knows why it should be convenient to browse through the site and shop on a screen of any size. Responsive design is the first step to achieve this. But you can go further and order a mobile version or application.

Convenient content management system

With our manager, you can develop a web store on the CS-Cart platform. CS-Cart is equipped with all the necessary tools for quick and easy launch of the web store. Thanks to the application programming interface (API) and open-source software, CS-Cart is easy to customize, extending the abilities of the store each year to reach the enterprise level.

The number of stores on CS-Cart is gradually approaching 40,000. The community is growing with each passing year. Its high performance is confirmed by Google tests.

Website management

  • User-friendly interface of the admin panel
  • Product editing on the storefront
  • Application for site management on mobile devices
  • Assign access permissions to admins on different levels
  • User actions log

Products management

  • Flexible export/import in CSV, XML, Excel
  • RESTful API
  • Bulk product editing
  • Support of all feature types
  • Independent filters
  • Editable product card


  • Quick view
  • User account
  • Multi-storefront support
  • 65+ integrated payment and shipping methods


  • Integration with email marketing services (Mailchimp, Madmimi)
  • Banners
  • Wish list
  • Clients’ reviews and product rating
  • Integration with social networks


  • Comparison list and product combinations
  • Promotions, loyalty system, promo codes and coupons
  • Cross-selling
  • Reward points, discounts, present certificates


  • Search-friendly URL
  • Editable meta tags of each page
  • Canonical URL and 301 redirect
  • Google rich snippets
  • Automatic generation of Sitemap

Data transfer

If you migrate your store to CS-Cart from a previous platform or just want to migrate your catalog into a CS-Cart store, you will need a data transfer service. Our certified specialists will ensure such a transfer process without any data loss.

Long and expensive?

We always remind our clients that development of a web store is a continuously enhancing process. After the first release of the site, an entrepreneur certainly cannot provide all probable functions.

This is the reason why we recommend to launch the store with a minimum of the most vital functions (design + feature distinguishing you from competitors + catalog + cart) within two months. After that, once you start getting revenue from the project, we will develop additional functionality, customizing the site to your needs.

This workflow is considered the most budget-friendly. We have been collaborating with some of our clients in this way for more than eight years.

Our Process

We understand the importance of the whole process of project implementation being transparent from the very beginning. This is why we try to describe it step-by-step on this site, and maintain transparency throughout the working partnership with our clients.
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