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Employ our CS-Cart developers as your own remote team members. Our pros have wide knowledge and experience in developing mission-critical ecommerce systems and applications. They will tackle technical aspects and you can focus on your business and work with clients.

You will be able to get a designated professional for your project who will correspond to your requirements. This makes custom ecommerce development and fast technical assistance more efficient in the long run. According to your requirements, you can employ a developer or a team of specialists with the exact skills you need.

When do you need dedicated developer service?

Long-term complex

Projects where development and support must be provided by insiders who are completely familiar with the system.

Projects without a well-defined technical task

Projects with a high degree of ambiguity, and when changes are going to be made during the development process.

Development service

Agencies who have a stable flow of projects and need reliable manpower to complete them with consistent quality.


Project Management System

We use the JIRA software for the effective management of the development process.

To put it simply, JIRA allows you to track any kind of unit of work (be it an issue, bug, story, project task, etc.) through a predefined workflow. As the owner of the project you will be able to participate in the process (for example, to observe and comment on the problem).


Working with a dedicated developer, we use the Time & Materials pricing model. It means that you pay the hours the specialist has logged in the task-manager after the task is complete.

While working on your project, Simtech Development managers send you detailed reports on time spent and tasks completed, so you can be confident that work is progressing efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Cost is calculated based on the number of hours worked and specialist’s hourly rate.
  • For long-term projects without a well-defined technical task.
  • Phased flexible development with maximum of changes.

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