Amazon cloud hosting 
for cs-cart & Multi-Vendor

Increase your website load speed, strengthen security, improve performance 
and reduce spendings in one place.

  • Free installation & migration
  • Free 24/7 monitoring
  • Free daily backups

Recommended hosting for
CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

We are the only certified partner for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor solutions

Recommended by CS-Cart, we do our best to keep the highest level of customer service.

We use expert level settings to finetune web and database servers to provide maximum performance and stability of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor based businesses.

Simtech AWS Certified badge

Powerful ground for business growth

We provide solutions that meet your business needs and maintain its constant growth

Engage more clients

Choose AWS data center which is closer to your customers to significantly increase the load speed and compete for local search.

Grow anytime

To sustain the traffic spikes AWS infrastructure can grow for a period you need and then shrink back to normal.

Stay safe

Network firewalls, data encryption, identity, access control, and other tools are the benefits for AWS hosting user.

Stay online

AWS cloud solutions provide the highest level of server availability of up to 99.99% of the time.

Reduce spending

Optimized settings and the combination of AWS services can increase performance without adding extra resources.

Get loyal partner

The one who values the interests of your business, monitors it day and night and provides proactive support with guaranteed quality level.

Order AWS hosting now

"Happy customers" is our main KPI

Compliance with the highest requirements

We are ready for the highest demands of the e-commerce industry

Care of everything

We take care of server management. If you need to configure the server, check security, change or improve anything - just let us know and consider it done.

24/7 server monitoring

We watch you server day and night. We will contact you immediately for minor problems and will fix the major issues that can significantly affect server performance.

PCI DSS compliance

We know and follow the latest guidelines of the regulators and help our clients to comply with PCI DSS. Enjoy the simplicity of getting ready for the certification with us.

Feel the Power of DevOps with us

300% fewer system failures. 50% less time on security problems. 22% less money on unplanned work

Exclude human factor by automating routine and production processes to increase their efficiency. Join development-ready environment.

  • Pre-release auto-testing
  • Release automation
  • Post-release monitoring

Trust hosting to experts

Global network of AWS data centers

Choose the data center close to your customers

Now we have 12 datacenters at our disposal, their number is constantly growing

You always know what you pay for

Basic Premium Ultimate Enterprise





Amazon EC2 t3.small
up to 20 concurrent users
avg. 130,000 monthly users
up to 40 users online
avg. 300,000 monthly users
up to 80 users online
avg. 600,000 monthly users
up to 200 users online
avg. 1,300,000 monthly users
Storage (space for project only) 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB 160 GB
Free migration zero downtime zero downtime zero downtime zero downtime
Free SSL
See all features
Live performance monitoring
Daily backups & Restore
Regular Image Optimisation
Security monitoring
DDoS protection
Access control
Customer care
One-stop support
Help Desk support
Support via messengers on request on request
Bonuses for annual plans
10% discount on custom development
Free Full-Page Cache by Varnish 5+ add-on 25% discount 25% discount 50% discount
SEO report on request on request on request
Google Analytics research on request on request

$69 / month

$149 / month

$249 / month

$449 / month

Looking for a custom solution?

If featured plans do not meet your business needs, we have more hosting solution.

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