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Multi-Vendor Plus is an advanced shopping cart tool for online marketplaces and virtual shopping malls with multiple independent vendors or departments. It has extra features that are exclusive to this edition and not available for the standard Multi-Vendor.


Multi-Vendor Plus is an eCommerce solution for larger marketplace businesses with bigger income and budgets. Includes a mobile application development and maintenance.


Note: 90 days of free technical support come with this license so that you will be able to contact CS-Cart first-hand developers team for a consultation if any questions arise.



The price is a one-time fee. It includes 1 year access
to new Multi-Vendor Plus releases and upgrade packages.

List price: $3500.00  

You save: $400.00 (11%)

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Multi-Vendor Only Features


Multi-Vendor Plus is a professional marketplace software. This advanced open source code e-commerce platform is PHP-based using MySQL database technology to store data and Smarty template engine to build website look and feel.

cs cart multi vendor templates


Multi-Vendor Plus for your new marketplace

Multi-Vendor Plus is an online marketplace platform: you launch a Multi-Vendor-Plus based eCommerce mall and invite online vendors. They get their own mini-stores on your internet marketplace and showcase their products on the shared storefront. Vendors sell their products and you get a commission. Multi-Vendor Plus is a perfect ecommerce mall solution to build an eBay-like marketplace.

Multi-Vendor Plus is an eCommerce solution for larger marketplace businesses with bigger income and budgets. It has all the features available in the standard Multi-Vendor edition plus 7 exclusive features:



1. Mobile application for customers


Offer your customers a versatile mobile app as eBay and Amazon do: enable them to browse your virtual shopping mall from handheld devices, add products to wish lists and carts, and pay via offline payment method or PayPal Express Checkout. 


Use the built-in add-on to configure the look and feel and specify the settings of your future app. Once ready, we upload it to Google Play and App Store. Note that the license also includes maintenance of the app by CS-Cart team.Have your own developer? Get access to the source code of the app for an additional fee and build your own custom application that will perfectly suit your marketplace.



2. Common products for vendors


Avoid customer confusion with duplicated products.

Create a common product base and allow your vendors to only sell these products, forbidding them from creating their own listings. The vendors will only be able to set prices, quantities, and shipping information for products from the common base. This way you’ll avoid duplicates and keep product pages nice, clean, and uniform.




3. Commissions by category


Set a higher commission for high-margin product categories and a lower commission for low-margin categories.




4. Management of vendor admin rights


Create a vendor-friendly environment by creating an individual admin depending on the vendors business. Hide menus, features, and settings if the sellers don't need them. For example, a vendor selling downloadable products doesn’t need the Shipping methods menu, so hide it.

Add a special group of vendors with unique admin layout, separate privileges and restrictions. Put the most important features that work for vendors' businesses in front of their eyes and make their lives easier.




5. Separate Vendor Checkout


Allow customers to pay for products from different vendors separately at a single checkout. All the payments will go straight to vendors' accounts.

This feature is a part of the Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments built-in add-on that allows vendors to get the money directly from customers and pay commissions to marketplace from that revenue.




6. Promotions for Vendors


Give your vendors promotional tools to offer their products on checkout or in the catalog. Let them generate more sales that will result in more commissions.

Make this tool your advantage to attract more vendors to the marketplace.





7. Design Editor for Vendors


Allow vendors to modify the look and feel of their mini-stores so that they look unique. Using the layout editor, vendors rearrange content on the mini-store pages without a coder’s help.




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Lifetime license

Free 1-year upgrade subscription and 90 days of free premium technical support included

100% risk-free purchase

30-day money back guarantee

One license for use of the Multi-Vendor Plus software. By purchasing it you accept Multi-Vendor License Agreement and upgrade policy.



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Key Features


All our products comply with CS-Cart code architecture and Simtech Development established standards.

Bug-free warranty

To produce free of bugs add-ons, all our products undergo several testing stages.

Adapting to any CS-Cart version

On your request we can adapt the add-on to another CS-Cart version.

30-day money back

If you are not satisfied with the add-on within the first 30 days after the payment, you can get a refund.

Comprehensive documentation

A detailed and step-by-step user guide is written for every add-on.

Easy installation

No extra actions. Without programming knowledge you will be able to install our add-ons.


Add-ons use language variables for all texts and can be edited under Administration → Languages​​ → Translations.

Easy communication

If any questions or issues appear, our managers will contact you back in 24 hours. Email us at any moment: sales@simtechdev.com

100% Open Source

We provide only easy-to-customize add-ons. With the help of developers or on your own, you are able to modify all extensions.

Long-term strategy

We are open to customers' suggestions and constantly updating our products to meet your needs.

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