About our support

We support our customers. And our support is free of charge for everyone who purchased our add-ons. We consult clients and fix issues, we can help in lots of cases but we cannot guarantee that technically complicated issues could be resolved fast.

We have some rules and we stick to them:
  1. Need help? Describe the issue as detailed as possible. Screenshots are a great aid.
  2. Need help? Grant access to your store. Our specialist will connect to your store and examine the issue. This is really important because you can have some special settings and add-ons installed. It will be quick and safe. But we will need FTP or SSH access.
  3. Receiving the first reply within 24 hours is guaranteed. After that we will tell you when the results or next reply can be expected.
  4. We wrote instructions on each add-on, this is a must-read and we will refer to them every time your question is covered by the instruction.
  5. We serve support requests in the order of arrival. All clients are equal to us. Highest priority is given to the cases when the affected functionality is critical.
  6. We set priorities depending on criticality of the functionality affected by the issue and the total amount of requests we got. We’ll tell you the priority set for your request. The highest priority is given to the issues that block the website performance or are in demand for a lot of customers.
  7. If the add-on description says that the price includes installation and setup, contact us before trying to install the add-on yourself.
  8. If you made changes to the code of our add-on yourself, we’re sorry, but the priority of such request will be pretty low.
  9. One request per one ticket.
  10. Guzel’s always right ;)
We also have paid services:
  1. Priority support upon the conditions you set. Almost any requests and time-frames.
  2. Light custom development. Small tweaks, change of color and size, block arrangement, and some other custom changes. Except for the cases where the change will be included in the default functionality of the add-on.
  3. Adaptation to third-party themes and add-ons.
  4. Cool custom changes for your unique project.

Places to seek help: