What store version is PWAjet available from?

The PWAjet application is available for CS-Cart stores starting from 4.11.4 version. For lower versions, installation is possible with a special patch. Contact our support team for assistance.

What is the minimum PHP version?

The minimum PHP version is 7.0. Also, check the server requirements for the PWAjet application.

Do you have a demo store?

Of course, have a look at the PWAjet application performance in our demo store.

What languages are supported?

The PWAjet application provides the support for English, Russian and German by default.

Can I add my own language?

Yes, you can translate language variables from English into the desired language and download the translation to your store. If you would like it to be added to the future versions of PWAjet application, contact our technical support team and send us the translation.

Is any customization possible?

Currently, only style customizations are possible. The possibility of customization with the help of add-ons is being examined now.

How will the application work on an already customized store?

All admin panel customizations and all customizations related to data changes on the backend (for example, changing the product title, price, etc.) will be saved. Customization of the theme, blocks and other frontend elements will not be available, as they were made for the responsive theme (or themes that inherit it), and not for PWAjet.

How do I customize the color scheme?

The color scheme can be customized with the help of the special editor. Follow our guide for style customization.

Can I distinguish regular orders from orders placed in the application? Do they have any special prefix?

Orders placed in the PWAjet application also get into your CS-Cart admin panel. They are completely identical to any other orders, there is no prefix.

How is the application updated? Does it have versioning like CS-Cart?

It is updated like any other regular add-on from Simtech Development (via the Upgrade Center) and it has versioning as well. For more information on add-on updating, visit our blog.

Are there any special hosting requirements?

No, they aren’t. Configuration will be no harder than to set up a new storefront.

How will it influence SEO?

Google officially and de facto fully supports SPA, i.e. it is able to not just receive static content from the server but knows how to render SPA. So, if your goal is organic traffic from Google only, there will be no problem with it.

If you need traffic from other search engines or snippets generation in social networks when sharing links to a store, contact us for a quote for a separate paid service that will render content and provide robots with prepared pages.

Are there any difficulties for Multi-Vendor Ultimate stores with 2 storefronts?

Everything will work right after the changes are made, on the contrary to the mobile application that would have to be compiled and released again.

My store is located in a subdirectory (example.com/shop). Does it matter?

It does. At the moment, PWAjet does not support such location for some reasons: other applications or sites may be located in other subdirectories, and it may cause issues since many html features work within the same origin (domain), for example, a local storage is not separated for all applications and sites, but it has a particular limit.

If PWAjet support were possible for subdirectories, the application will use the same storage with other applications and sites, which will lead to data confusion and situations when one application takes up the entire cache / storage quota, without leaving space to others.

So, the possible solution is to move your websie to the root directory.