How to: Administration: Access to server

Where do I get server access details?

We provide you with all access details in the confirmation email about hosting creation.

We provide the following:

  • SSH access for
    • server management and server software installation;
    • additional user creation;
    • addition of new domains and projects.
  • sFTP (upon request) for
    • files and folders management.
  • Database
    • User/Login for MySQL, including the Root user;
    • PhpMyAdmin for database management via browser.
  • MyCloud

Here’s an example of the confirmation email:

Repeated request for access details

We don’t store your access information in our system. It means if you need access, which you forgot, for example, we cant resend it again. We can only renew credentials to the server.

How to reset access

In case of needing reset access, please contact us using one of the following means: HelpDesk, MyCloud.

In this case we will restrict access to unwanted users.



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