How to: Development: Manage files (GUI)


You can use any file manager you find easy to work with. A file manager is software that allows to easily and securely handle files via SFTP, namely:

  • Add and edit files
  • Manage directories
  • Upload images
  • Create and unzip archives.


If you haven’t chosen a file manager yet, use Krusader.

Connect to the server via SFTP (Port 22). It’s more secure and gives you more abilities than outdated FTP.

Directory with projects

Projects can be found in the following directory:

cd /srv/projects/[PROJECT_DIR]

User guide

We are going to use Cyberduck (free). Perform the same steps if you use another software.

1. Open the email with access details

You want to use access details from the Developer Access section, where you will find Hostname, Username, and Password.

2. Create a new connection

Use the SFTP protocol and Port 22 if it is not selected by default.

3. Done

You can now manage your files: upload, open and edit.


Save the created connection for quicker access next time.



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