How to: DNS & Domain: Connect your domain to your website


You can connect unlimited number of domains and subdomains to your website.

For example, you can add separate subdomains for your blog or development version of your store like

There are two ways of managing domains:

  • You manage DNS (Domain Name System) on your own;
  • You entrust us with managing DNS. (We use Route53 by Amazon AWS.)

It’s a good idea to create separate instances for test development copies, where developers can make experimental changes without affecting your live site.


We use a fast server configuration. Each domain requires additional configuration of the web server, that’s why we recommend contacting our technical support team. If you want to know the details, we can tell you how and what we configured. For more details, refer to Infrastructure information

Managing DNS

  1. Log in to your account at the domain registrar website. It’s GoDaddy in my example.

  2. Open the DNS settings of your domain. My domain here is

  3. Open the email with access details toi your Amazon hosting. You should find the details under the Your hosting memo section.

  4. Edit Record A, or add Record A for server IP.

  5. That’s it! You can open your site in 5 minutes.


It may take 24 hours or more to update DNS. If you have difficulties, feel free to contact us for help.

Configuring the web server

If you want to add a new domain or a project, please contact our support team. We recommend not to do that by ourself—we will do it faster and better. For more details, refer to this guide: Infrastructure information



If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Let us know through MyCloud or email.