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  • Industry: Fashion
  • Services:
  • Integration with 3rd-party systems, Additional functionality development, PSD to CS-Cart, Performance optimization
  • Location: United Kingdom

Northskull is a fashion brand based in London. It specializes in producing unique accessories and jewelry made of expensive materials: gold, silver, leather and fine wood. The ones who love this brand are a special caste; these people prefer alternative clothing.


A modern online store for a new step in the business development of Northskull.


Possibilities for
promoting the brand

High speed


The brand had a pretty poor and undistinguished online store. Technical problems related to the store required urgent resolving.

Low page loading speed

Slow search

Low security level

The site was regularly attacked
and hacked

Few possibilities for SEO

Analytics and Solution

It was decided to transfer the online store to the CS-Cart platform, version 2.2.5.

We offered the client the Dedicated developer service. It is very convenient,
because the client can skip the long-lasting step of approving the specifications
and can correct the tasks as the project is being implemented.

Project steps:

Transfer of the store database to a new CMS; optimization of the performance.

Design integration, modification of the catalog and development of new functionality

Modernization of the admin area of the store and implementation of additional statistics.

Implementing the Project

Transfer to a new CMS and optimization of the performance

The product catalog and customer database of Northskull were transferred to CS-Cart version 2.2.5 without loss. The performance of this system appeared to be so good that it was just necessary to optimize the store layout a little bit in order to increase the speed of search, page and statistics load.

Before After The average time of loading a category page: 1 sec. 5 sec.

Design integration

A design mock-up was provided by the client; what was required was to integrate it.

In order that the mock-up created by the designer could work in the live store, we added a lot of additional functionality and elements. Many of these were developed using the Ajax technology.

Dynamic banner on the home page


Drop-down cart block


Drop-down categories menu with intuitive
displaying of popular products


Dynamic filters in the catalog for quick
and convenient product search


Product images in the catalog are
changed when hovered over


Automatic slider with automatic loading of images in the Collections section


Improving the checkout process

Individual shipping information
for each country


Exact calculation of delivery date
in cart at checkout


One-step checkout


Development of a unique set of tools for promotion

A modern online store is not just a catalog of products and a cart; it should
be integrated into the common brand promotion concept. The latest trend in
e-commerce is content marketing, and we did our best to implement it in full.

A special section named Features was created. The latest posts from this section
are shown on the home page using blocks with dynamic description.


An automatic loading of videos from the Northskull YouTube channel occurs in the Video section. When played, a video is loaded in a pop-up window.


Using the Wishlist functionality, it is possible
to create a stylish list of products and share it
with friends.


Special attention is given to social networks. In a common window, we integrated a system of displaying posts in which the brand is mentioned in social media. As a result, we produced Northskull Galaxy.

A ready-to-use solution Social Stream was used for Northskull Galaxy. We integrated the add-on into the online store and added all the necessary settings so that the administrator can successfully manage all displayed posts and their sources.


of the admin panel

We developed an extended sales statistics system. The administrator of Northskull has a real control panel, as a pilot of an airliner does. The control panel consists of many detectors and counters that measure the store operation according to dozens of parameters.

The preview of an individual order is implemented in the orders list.

For exact calculation of delivery date, the store administrator can specify nonworking days in advance.



The results of our 477-hour project were:

Sales increase
by two times

Average number of
customers – 20 per day

Average total order increase –
by 1.5 times

It was a pleasure working with Simtech Development on this project, we opted for the dedicated service as this allowed us to work closely with the programmers and as a result our large and complex project was completed in good time and to a high standard.

Davron Christian, CEO of Northskull

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