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Franquette.co is a marketplace which calls on people to buy home-made food of the local chefs next door. With Franquette the customer does not need a restaurant to taste something new or special. Order food, rate chefs, follow your favorite ones, find your regular suppliers or continue exploring.

  • Industry: Food
  • Services:
  • API, features
  • Location: France


The home for chefs and “eaters” which brings them closer to each other. Entering Franquette the customer immediately finds the best offer available, fresh and tasty home-made food nearby, whether they are on the go or at home. The project is based on social trust so the public rating and reviews are a must-have. Besides, Franquette is also a mobile app. And this means a lot of API modifications.


Mobile App


Customer location


Up to date info


Building trust



API modification




Availability calendar


Rating and comments

Implementing the Project

API modification

We’ve implemented many API modifications to extend the functionality of the standard CS-Cart API. Here are the most significant ones:

Logo and invoice modification

Lets you get a link to a PDF or HTML file of the selected invoice and image file of the logo of the selected area (Customer area, Invoice). Files are saved in the "var/API_files" directory on the server. It makes possible to set an image file of the logo of the selected area (Customer area, Invoice) by passing the web link to the image file.

Modifications for vendors

We made it possible for vendors to get/set the tax by request to the API. Address, zipcode, city, country, phone, fax, description fields were also enabled by special modification. Moreover we enabled to get/set shipping methods by API vendor requests.

Modifications for users

We added additional fields which allow to get/set Phone Advertising ID, Push notification Token, user phone, birthday, address, zip code, city, country fields by API user requests. A modification allowing users to get an Md5 hash of password was also made.

Promotion coupons modification

This modification allows to get promotion information by API request with the coupon code.

Geolocation (Three-way customer location)

To help customers find the best offer of a freshly made dish, Franquette has to know where the customer is at the moment. We developed a three-way customer location system which uses different technologies one by one. All this coupled with the "Closest distance" modification allows Franquette to sort offers and vendors by distance for the customer.

Step 1

Firstly we attempt to locate the visitor by Geolocation API. The agreement about location sharing will be displayed.

Step 2

If step one was skipped, we ask customers to determine their location manually - by choosing their location from the list.

Step 3

We use the MaxMind GeoIP add-on. It only triggers if the customer disallows sharing their location.

Availability Calendar

The food cannot wait for the customer forever. And vendors do not want customers to come when there is nothing to eat, right?

So, to make sure everything’s fine, we’ve created the "Product Availability Calendar" modification to allow vendors to set a start date and end date. The product is visible at the storefront during the defined period.

Rating and Comments

We’ve implemented comments and reviews to create a rating system for products, categories, and vendors.
We’ve also given the ability to customers to have a chat with a vendor.


Whether you are a tourist or a local, now you will not suffer from hunger. Find unique home-made meal which is as close to you as nextdoor. All in a user-friendly marketplace with only one single tap. We made it possible.


175 hours


4 developers

The Simtech work is very good, but CS-Cart is not spread at all in France and we needed consultations with our problems. The manager was focused on solving them and helped us a lot.

Vasilije Budimlija, Cofounder


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