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Women apparel online store. Convenient and beautiful,
it is following both e-commerce and fashion trends.

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Services:
  • Design & integration
  • Site Management
  • Payment & Shipping Method
  • Conversations tool
  • Location: US


Rework the admin for a better real-time management workflow and refresh the design for mobile layout.

Simplify the creation of “buy-two-for-one-price” discounts
- Conversations tool

Simplify the locations availability management in real time for shipping settings
- Payment & Shipping

Improve the Header design for Mobile and Desktop, and write a manual on Header style configurations
- Design & integration

Improve Product import and creation of the packages
- Site Management

Implementing the Project

Conversations tool

To improve the website overall traffic and conversion rate, we implemented a conversion tool. This tool was implemented as the "SALE automation" modification. It included extension of the navigation structure to enable more natural and comfortable buyers' journeys throughout the categories and subcategories.
We added the "SALE" page checkbox to all categories. If the admin clicks on this check box for the SALE category it is automatically applied to all subcategories. This modification decreased the amount of admin manipulations, and the influence of human factors. Plus, promotion delivery to the customers’ eyes increased, which added flexibility and to the administration and speeded up testing and checking the hypothesis.

Payment & Shipping Method

  1. We added ‘Locations’ tab buttons to the real-time shipping method details page in the admin panel.

  2. All available locations are now displayed in the "Disable shipping for locations" section there.

  3. The admin simply ticks on the location for which this real-time shipping method should be disabled.

Design & integration

Our developers implemented an instruction that determines changing the background, the search button, and the menu button colors, together with the color of the cart icon circle. The designed option improved the overall web store perception enhancing the user experience and the user interface.


We optimized all the website imagery to ensure the best page load speed without harming the quality of the images. Our Hosting team experts used an in-house technology to manage, set and optimize the speed. We added more space for the website to host a larger amount of data within the purchased Cloud Hosting plan.

The customer’s platform got daily backups and a round-the-clock monitoring to ensure the website's high performance. Our proactive experts notified the owner each time when the server was about to go down and took the appropriate measures to keep the platform running.

This fruitful cooperation pleased both the developers and the owner. We checked the website performance with our free checker and got an excellent estimate - 80 points out of 100:


A more user-friendly design; intuitive store interface management allowing running the project on the go, almost automatic promotions creating new appealing offers for customers.

The store offers became more flexible, personalized and appealing

The store owner saved time on creating new offers

The store got a fresh view

Store Owner’s Feedback:

“Yana [Product Manager] and her team have been very professional and very friendly. The development has been fast and then, a small problem has been solved very quickly. I have been happy with this work”.

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