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Women apparel online store. Convenient and beautiful,
it is following both e-commerce and fashion trends.

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Services:
  • Design & integration
  • Site Management
  • Payment & Shipping Method
  • Conversations tool
  • Location: US


Rework the admin for a better real-time management workflow and refresh the design for mobile layout.

Simplify the creation of “buy-two-for-one-price” discounts
- Conversations tool

Simplify the locations availability management in real time for shipping settings
- Payment & Shipping

Improve the Header design for Mobile and Desktop, and write a manual on Header style configurations
- Design & integration

Improve Product import and creation of the packages
- Site Management

Implementing the Project

Conversations tool

  1. We will create the category SALES, and then create the subcategory "2 per \$10", another subcategory "2 per \$20", another subcategory "2 per \$30".

  2. In the "2 per \$10" category, any 2 items will cost \$10. In the "2 per \$20" category, any 2 items will cost \$20 and so... It will allow selling for example 2 items per \$10 (each item cost \$12 for example).

  3. If in the "2 per \$10" category, the buyer buys 4 items, the price would be \$20, if he buys 3 items, the price would be \$10 + the price of the cheaper item. If he buys 3 items, 2 of them will have the offer (\$10), and the third will have its own price (it would be the cheaper of the three).

  1. If the buyer buys only 1 item, it would be its own price, without an offer.

  2. We will develop a new promotion wherein conditions the admin will be able to set the quantity, price, list of products, list of categories. For example, the admin will be able to select the category "2 per \$10" and then set quantity=2 and price=10.

Payment & Shipping Method

  1. We will add the Locations tab buttons to the real-time shipping method details page in the admin panel.

  2. All available locations will be displayed in the "Disable shipping for locations" section there. All checkboxes will be unchecked by default.

  3. The admin will be able to tick on the location for which this real-time shipping method should be disabled.

Design & integration

We will prepare an instruction where we describe how to change the color of the background color, search button color, menu button color, a color of the circle of the cart icon.

Site Management

  1. We will fix The Old Packs add-on which must support more than 2 Options during import of the following CSV file with packs

  2. We will add a setting “Hide on packing slip option” to the add-on settings page in the admin panel and admin will be able to write the name of the option which should be hidden on packing slip of old packs.

  1. We will add the ability to hide new packs on the packing slip of the Factory-Fashion storefront e.g.

  2. The Total items value will display only the items.


The owner found it more convenient and simple to manage the business and creating new interesting offers for the clients.

The store offers became more flexible, personalized and appealing

The store owner saved time on creating new offers

The store got a fresh view


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