Mobile Bitz

UK’s trusted mobile phone specialists

Platform realising need for a reliable, efficient and trustworthy repair.

  • Back and front-end development
  • Hosting
  • Upgrade
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Humble Market

Customizing Eco-Aware and Charitable Online Marketplace

A socially responsible multi-seller store for green-minded consumers

  • Charity Add-On Development
  • Shipping Estimate Improvement
  • New Product Page Tabs
  • Design Customization
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Quality products for the home and family

Household goods and personal care marketplace

  • Multi-vendor marketplace
  • Dedicated developer service
  • Back and front-end development
  • Hosting
  • Upgrade
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Turning an Established Physical Store into an Effective eCommerce Website

A single-seller store for restaurants and schools in the U.S.

  • QuickBooks Online Integration and Customization
  • Admin Panel Modification
  • Assisted Design Integration
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A feeling of belonging

An online store for a famous London brand of jewelry.

  • Design integration
  • One-step checkout
  • Modernization of the admin area
  • Northskull Galaxy integration
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Area safe

Safety is the basis of comfort

Online shop of safety equipment

  • New storefronts;
  • Technical support;
  • Customization.
  • Conversations tool
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Fashion Factory

Women apparel online-store

  • Desing & Integration
  • Site Managment
  • Payment and Shipping
  • Conversation tool
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Meet Your Next Door Cake

A very ambitious start-up that aims to gather US bakers in one place.

  • Design creation
  • Convenient ordering
  • Vendor page customization
  • Geolocation features
  • Billing/Taxing configuration
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A growing marketplace of expressions.

  • Search improvement
  • Promotion modification
  • Communication modification
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Largest electronics store
in Georgia

Well-known Georgian electronics retailer that develops omni-channel sales.

  • Brand design
  • Design creation & integration
  • Payments integration
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Superior Bands on Superior Speed

A well known supplier of high-end replacement watch bands.

  • Code optimization
  • Imagery optimization
  • Server response decrease
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A marketplace for everything handmade

A marketplace that unites people who enjoy handcrafting items.

  • Multi-vendor marketplace
  • Design creation & integration
  • Convenient filters
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Equipment for
warehouse and office

An online store which specializes in safes, metal shelving, furniture, carts

  • Design creation & integration
  • Sub-categories on the main page
  • Geo-targeting
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Babies deserve
the best we can give

An online store selling goods for happy babies and their parents

  • CS-Cart theme development
  • Design creation & integration
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