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Have you ever asked yourself how to personalize your store and boost it without any serious material losses? We have analyzed our clients’ requests and want to give you a prompt on how to save money with ready-to-use features from CS-Cart marketplace. There are hundreds of add-ons to help CS-Cart owners enhance their experience with the CS-Cart online store and improve online business in the process. Based on our experience, we made up a list of the most popular features. They are divided into four categories: customer experience, site management, marketing, and integrations.

Customer Experience


CS-Cart “Accordion menu”
is a great tool to add individuality and style to your store. From the design point of view, it has a unique appearance and the sliding content saves some store space. Moreover, this add-on allows you to display how many items are in each category opposite to its name. Your customers will like it!

Total weight of order is one of the must have and free add-ons to integrate into your online store. It calculates the total weight of the products added to the cart and displays this value on pages where this information is needed. Both online store customers and administrators will appreciate this feature because they will be able to estimate how heavy the order will be.

Search by Product Code is a tool that will make product search much easier in your store. Your customers will find everything they need by product code in just a matter of seconds.

Site Management


Canonical Url is being used by more than 300 live online stores. This improves robots crawling your site, as well as SEO performance. The duplicate content fix resolves the issue of duplicate meta titles and descriptions.

Admin Helper is cron-style management of common admin operations, including clear cache, clear statistics, backup site, optimize database, update currencies, and others.

The product images for invoices add-on modifies standard invoices so that your admins/customers can see images of your products. One of its features is the ability to show the “View order” link in the invoices using the “Add links on the invoice” setting—it will help your customers to quickly move from the email to the order page.



On sale products page will help highlight your on sale products easily and automatically. It’s super powerful and flexible. Its features include support filters, sorting, pagination, and multiple product layouts. It also shows category specific on sale products and automatically turns any category into an on sale products category.

Facebook store allows you to build your own full-featured store on Facebook. It not only moves your CS-Cart based store to Facebook but also saves its unique design. A big advantage of this add-on is that your Facebook store doesn’t require any updates because all changes made in your CS-Cart based store will be displayed automatically in your Facebook store. Nowadays lots of people use social networks—it’s very convenient to have a Facebook store at hand because it helps you to attract new visitors.

Drop down breadcrumbs modifies standard breadcrumbs so that your store visitors can select the necessary product category by performing as few actions as possible. So, navigation through your store is simplified, which increases the usability, and therefore, the loyalty of your customers.



CS-Cart MailChimp Connect provides integration of CS-Cart with the MailChimp email marketing system using their integration API. Add-on allows you to synchronize your list of customers or subscribers to your MailChimp mailing lists.

Adaptive Payments by PayPal will help root store administrators to distribute funds automatically among multiple vendors through PayPal. PayPal Adaptive Payments enables a customer to send a single payment directly to multiple vendors in one order. The store owner must have a PayPal Business account.

Button UP allows your customers to move to the top of the page quicker by clicking a nice “UP” button. So, this add-on will make your website more usable.

Our Simtech Development team is constantly improving all our products and ready to provide you with useful add-ons to make your online store more effective and functional.

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