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The custom development process is composed of a number of sequential stages. Today we are going to tell you about QA assurance of projects we realize. All our modifications undergo several stages of testing prior to delivery to the customer.

“Quality Assurance of any CS-Cart project is an integral part of our CS-Cart custom development and delivery process. No methodology or programming languages will guarantee stable and correct modification functioning without rigorous QA validation.


At the first stage, our developers carry out automated and manual testing throughout the development process, and a dedicated group of experienced QA specialists systematically monitors and evaluates various aspects of the project. Afterwards, the QA group checks the quality of the final modification. These testing procedures help us maintain a high  quality of the service and modifications.


ava-1-QaAssuranceCovers  QA specialist Alfiya Kantimirova


 Our Quality Assurance & Testing Services include:


Code review

Code review is a regular and compulsory part of our CS-Cart custom development process.  We aim at standardizing the code that our developers write and make a review to make it clean. It doesn’t matter if the code was written by our Junior developer or Senior, because after the code review it will conform to the existing style guidelines.

Testing after each iteration

Testing is most effective when it is conducted iteratively (repeatedly) throughout the development of a product. Iterative testing means that we conduct several periodic tests over the course of product development. It allows us to test the project consequently before the final testing.

Functional testing

Our QA team pays attention to functional testing as this type of testing verifies the compliance of developed functions of the online store with requirements and specifications, other project documents and simply user’s expectations. Our QA specialist checks all the functions to exclude problems and errors. In the screenshot below you can see that the store has issues with displaying products when the user chooses the list form.

chrome_2016-03-10_17-06-33 chrome_2016-03-10_17-19-11

User testing


Understanding how your user interacts with your design is crucial to crafting the best user experience to help visitors achieve their task and overall to increase conversions. That’s why we test the project on the desktop and mobile devices, as well as in all browsers to make sure that everything is going correct. If you have a look at the first screenshot, you will see that the buttons moved out, which we noticed while testing the mobile version. In the second screenshot, you can see that the video is not adapted to the mobile device.

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Note: Code review, user and functional testing and testing after each iteration are required and we provide it for free. Other kinds of testing (read below) need extra pay. 

Disaster recovery testing


Disaster recovery testing helps ensure that the owner of the online store can recover data, restore business critical add-ons and continue operations after an interruption of services. For example, one add-on breaks down or doesn’t work correctly and you need to turn it off. This step should affect the online store by now means.

Automatic testing


Automatic testing is useful for big and high-loaded marketplaces. Note that the automatic testing is not free. To avoid regressive testing, we carry out automatic testing.

Regressive testing

Regression means retesting the unchanged parts of the modification. Testers perform functional testing when new build is available for verification. The intend of this test is to verify the changes made in the existing functionality and newly added functionality.

When this test is complete, the tester should verify if the existing functionality is working as expected and new changes have not introduced any defect in functionality that was working before these changes were made.

This test is very important when there are continuous changes/improvements added in the modification. The new functionality should not negatively affect the existing tested code.

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