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Dedicated Team of Developers or CS-Cart Rescue Rangers

We have been rendering the “Dedicated CS-Cart developer” and “Dedicated CS-Cart team” services since 2005 and have a great experience in this indispensable part of ecommerce business. What benefits, risks, methodologies, project managements systems do we mean under “dedicated developer/team”? By the example of how we do it at Simtech Development we will disclose all secrets. Keep reading and you will learn it.

Who is Who

Dedicated developer. According to your requirements we choose a suitable candidate as a remote team member. This person can be a CS-Cart Middle/Senior developer, designer or DevOps engineer.

Dedicated team – Team of developers with the exact skills you need. According to our experience the ideal team for CS-Cart development consists of:

  1. Project manager, who is responsible for running a project on a day-to-day basis, who leads and manages the project team, provides daily reports and communicates with you anytime.
  2. Senior Team Lead, who is responsible for external integrations, third-party add-ons and complicated modifications development, site performance optimization and code review.
  3. Middle CS-Cart Developer, who develops third-party add-ons and SMARTY templates and blocks, codes JavaScript (Ajax).
  4. Junior CS-Cart Developer creates small add-ons, provides System setup and Technical support.
  5. Front-end Developer develops PSD to HTML and CSS, optimizes mobile version of the store and customizes layouts.
  6. QA Assurance for FREE

At Simtech Development, we pay great attention to QA Assurance and provide our clients with a complex testing service.

  • Testing is provided by QA specialists independent of the Simtech Development team.
  • Code review is performed only by experienced Simtech Development specialists, which guarantees compliance with the CS-Cart development standards.

Note that the team may vary depending on the project.

With our service you have a unique opportunity not to keep expensive specialists in staff. For a certain period of time the project manager may involve the following specialists from our team:

  • Designers, who create new design for your store from designing a logo to user interface improvement.
  • DevOps engineers, who maintain your server 24 hours a day, speed it up and configure up to your needs.
  • Marketing and SEO specialists are responsible for setting up Google Adwords campaigns, track analytics reports and give advice on promotions.
  • Tech Writer is responsible for writing documentation and instructions.
  • CTO, Marketing Director, Project Managers are open to give advice on the project and team management.

Who needs it?

A dedicated development team is the best choice for:

  • long-term projects that require a full-size team with various roles;
  • clients, who can provide a load of 100 hours per month for developers;
  • large projects which should be completed in a short time;
  • development service providers, who have a stable flow of projects and need reliable manpower to complete them with consistent quality;
  • complex CS-Cart projects, where support must be provided by the insiders, well-familiar with the system.

Our Methodologies

Depending on your project, a manager proposes an effective development methodology (Waterfall, Agile, etc.). All tasks will be prioritized, and divided into iterations or sprints.

The manager will present you the results of each iteration (sprint).

Usually we follow these methodologies:

Waterfall. It is a sequential design process. This means that once each of the eight stages (conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and maintenance) is completed, the developers move on to the next step.

Waterfall methodology


Agile. The Agile methodology follows an incremental approach. Developers start off with a simplistic project design, and then begin to work on small modules. The work on these modules is done in weekly or monthly sprints, and at the end of each sprint, project priorities are evaluated and tests are run.

Agile development


Scrum. We use Scrum for huge CS-Cart projects. It is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development.

Scrum development


Kanban. The Kanban methodology helps manage product creation focusing on continuous delivery and not overburdening agile software development teams.

Kanban development

In addition, you can monitor the development progress in the project management system.

Project Management System

For the effective management of the development process we use JIRA

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JIRA is Atlassian’s issue and project tracking tool. To put it simply, JIRA allows you to track any kind of unit of work (be it an issue, bug, story, project task, etc.) through a predefined workflow.

As the owner of the project you will be able to participate in the process, for example, to observe and comment the problem. If your company uses a different control system (YouTrack, RedMine, Teamwork, BaseCamp, etc.), our experts will get adjusted to your system.

Why should I choose a dedicated team from Simtech Development?

  1. More than 60 qualified CS-Cart developers in the team.
  2. Close cooperation with CS-Cart architects.
  3. Huge CS-Cart custom development experience: more than 2 000 completed projects.
  4. We use the best world practices in web development.
  5. Strict style guidelines for code.
  6. 100% Open Source: Easy-to-customize add-ons.
  7. Easy communication via Skype, Helpdesk system, phone, Email, and phone conference.
  8. Free QA Assurance and Code Review
  9. Ability to involve additional specialists
  10. White Label
  11. Affordable and competitive pricing
  12. Transparent conditions.

Any doubts?

Employ our team for one of your projects at a special price with the annual discount. Email us at sales@simetchdev.com.

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