Surprise Your Customers with Our New Birthday Present Add-on

Today we’re going to talk about customer loyalty and how to improve it with our new add-on for CS-Cart.

A close and strong relationship with customers is a fundamental part of your business. Today, the marketplace is incredibly competitive and store owners use various loyalty programs and promotional credits to keep customers coming back. Improving customer loyalty should be a priority for everyone who wants to gain trust and increase sales.

It’s a good idea to focus on customers’ wishes. All of us like to get presents and enjoy surprises, especially on birthdays. Don’t you think that it’s a wonderful chance to pay attention to your clients? Let them feel how much you care and build long-term, friendly relationships.

So, we’re ready to help you increase customer loyalty and make your online store stand out from the competition. We’ve developed a special add-on that allows you to give your customers a present on their birthday.

It’s very simple to use:

  • When users register in the online store, they add their date of birth and the system keeps a calendar.
  • To simplify the birthday campaign, the application automatically sends clients a notification.
  • Before the date, the client receives an email from your site, and then goes to your online store where the present is prepared for him or her.
  • The administrator specifies the type of gift. It can be a discount on certain goods, a gift certificate, or a free product.

When you remember your customers on their birthday, they’re more likely to show you the same loyalty the next time they want to make a purchase.

The Birthday Present add-on is ready for sale on the Simtech Development website.

Maria Azizova
Maria Azizova posted it

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