Affiliate Add-on: How to Build Traffic on Your CS-Cart Website

Today we’d like to tell you about affiliate marketing and share some secrets on how to embed affiliate programs for your CS-Cart store.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best method for merchants to create affiliate relationships with necessary media resources to promote products and services. In this case, you are able to use various affiliate-marketing activities based on online marketing: banner views, click-throughs, registration of new users who come from affiliate websites, shares, and other actions. And you pay only for them.

Affiliate marketing fits those online stores that would like to receive hundreds of new customers in a short period of time. Moreover, affiliate marketing allows you to attract targeted traffic for the lowest cost, compared with other Internet advertising channels or offline promoting.

There are two different types of affiliate-management methods used by merchants: stand-alone software and hosted services, which are typically called affiliate networks.

Affiliate-tracking software


he Affiliate add-on by Simtech Development is an example of affiliate-tracking software that enables CS-Cart owners to create and manage an affiliate program and track conversions on their affiliates’ sites.

When you place an advertising banner on an affiliate website, the add-on tracks and keeps a full count of affiliate-marketing activities and calculates the activity cost if you have set a monetary value for each activity.

Affiliates can also view their event statistics in the customer area of your store. They therefore will know their income from the affiliate program.

Unlike affiliate networks, affiliate-tracking software is an easy way to start your own affiliate programs with trouble-proof affiliates and keep abreast of each activity. Uncontrolled usage of affiliate networks that aid rogue affiliates, which use spamming, trademark infringement, false advertising, cookie stuffing, typosquatting, and other unethical methods, has given affiliate marketing a negative reputation.

To learn more about the technical details of the Affiliate add-on, visit the add-on webpage.

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