PayPal Adaptive Payments for Multi-Vendor


Today we’d like to present to you our latest product, Adaptive Payments for PayPal by Simtech Development, which brings to Multi-Vendor stores a great deal of possibilities and saves time for a store owners.

Our PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on for Multi-Vendor enables a customer to send a single payment directly to multiple vendors in one order. The add-on automatically handles payments between the customer and one or more vendors.

The store owner no longer has to worry how the money is divided between his or her vendors. Multi-Vendor and PayPal Adaptive Payments will do it for him.

The store owner just needs to set a commission that will be charged from each vendor.

Unlimited number of vendors in one order

The PayPal service limitation for a payment is five vendors per order, but the customer can buy anything he or she wants in one order. If there are more than five vendors in the customer order, the PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on splits an order into several steps paid one by one.


Delayed payments

By default, payments to all receivers are immediate. However, the store owner can choose to delay payments to vendors for up to 90 days. This may come in handy if vendors are required to perform some actions, such as shipping or waiting for expiration of a return period, before receiving payment.

Hidden vendors

The customer sees only the store owner and knows about the store owner as the primary receiver, not the vendors. What’s more, the vendors know only about the primary receiver, not the customer.

Get it

The PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on for Multi-Vendor is now available on CS-Cart Marketplace for just $135. In the add-on’s description, you can find detailed instructions about installation and settings.

PayPal Adaptive Payments Add-on is on CS-Cart Marketplace

Please note that the add-on is compatible with Multi-Vendor 4.1.2 and above.


Feel free to ask any questions about PayPal Adaptive Payments below in the comments. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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