10 Best E-commerce Trends That Really Sell

Every day we provide our clients with best practice tips. And we know what their customers like. We have identified 10 tips & tricks that definitely should be used in your online store.

All of the examples are from actual projects we have worked on.

Trend #1: Customers want to know your success story

Add an “About us” page to your e-commerce website. Tell your story and mention what makes you unique.

Add pictures to make it more impressive.

Trend #2: Social proof should be clear

Don’t hide testimonials, reviews, or certificates or don’t just add social buttons on the bottom of the front page or on the internal pages of your website.

Proudly place these in the header of your home page.



Trend #3: Link lookbooks with relevant items

If you use lookbooks to promote your goods, please give your customers an opportunity to purchase the same items in your store.


Trend #4: Content helps sell

Integrate a blog into your online store or the store into your blog. Write about your goods and all the things that your customers are interested in.



Trend #5: Make attractive shipping options clear

If your shipping rates give you a competitive advantage, make sure that your customers know about that on your website’s landing page.

Adding a shipping fee at the cart stage is one of the easiest ways to lose sales.2


Trend #6: Draw attention to sales and most popular products

Showcase your best suggestions on your website’s landing page. This is a key starting point to get customers into your store.


Trend #7: Use only high quality photography

In the era of large retina screens, it’s more important than ever to use high quality pictures that clearly show your products in use. Note, in e-commerce a photograph is the focus of the sale.



Trend #8: Be faster; use quick shop pop-ups and one-step checkout

Customers have less time than ever before. Make their shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.



Trend #9: Let customers filter

If you have more than 10 products in your catalog, it is useful to add filters. You can personalize filters using Facebook likes, a customer’s recent shopping experience, or demo graphics.



Trend #10: Collect leads

Perhaps you don’t like email pop-ups, but they work and help you generate leads and an email following. Make maximum use of them in your store.



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