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Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics. Track most important ecommerce indicators in your CS-Cart admin.




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GA Quick View add-on allows you to simplify user experience with Google Analytics by integrating it with CS-Cart. Connecting the store with Google Analytics will allow you to quickly view the main indicators of the effectiveness of the online store right in the admin interface. Brief information about visitors, channels, conversions, and pages will give you an idea of ​​the most important events happening in the store. It will take you a second to determine where your attention is required right now.


Events that are monitored by GA Quick View (list expands with updates):

Active users

Displays the number of users currently on the site.

Sessions by period

Displays the sessions information for the selected period.

New / Returning visitors

Displays the number and ratio of new / returned users for the selected period.

Traffic channels

Displays a bar chart showing traffic channels. Hover over each channel to see the number of sessions, transactions, and revenue for the selected period.

Most viewed content

Displays a list of the most viewed content pages on the site. Click any page to open it in a new browser tab.


Multi-vendor feature

The GA Quick View add-on also allows vendors to track Google Analytics in the admin area of ​​the store. Enable the "Allow vendors to use GA Quick View" checkbox and add the URI specified in the settings to the allowed redirect.

Install the GA Quick View add-on and track the most important events without exiting the store admin area. Make only data-driven decisions.


Installing and setting up the add-on

Download the archive file and run the installation process

Configuring Google API Console

Go to the Google API Console and sign in with your Google account. Select an existing API project or create a new one.


Go to the APIs & Services section of the menu -> Library, search Analytics API  and  Google Analytics Reporting API. Enable them.


Go to the APIs & Services -> Credentials. On the OAuth consent screen tab, you need to fill in the fields:

  • Application name - The name of the application.

  • Authorized domains - The domain name of your store where the add-on is installed.

  • Hit the Save button



Go back to the Сredentials tab and create a new OAuth client ID. Select Application type - Web application on the opening page and fill in the fields:

  • Enter the name

  • In the Authorized redirect URIs section, add the authorized redirect URIs, specified in the add-on settings:



  • Hit the Create button


Open the created OAuth client ID and copy the Client ID and Client secret to the corresponding fields in the add-on settings:




Now, follow the link Account Explorer, provided in the add-on settings, select the appropriate Google Analytics account and copy the key from the View field to the corresponding field in the add-on settings:




Working with the add-on

After the add-on has been enabled and configured, a new tab is created in the admin panel of the store -  Website -> GA Quick View. Click on this tab to access the GA Quick View dashboard. On the dashboard page, you will see the Sign in with Google account button. When authorized, you are able to see the Google Analytics data taken by the add-on and displayed in charts.





Active users

Shows the total number of visitors that are currently online.

Sessions by date 

The Sessions by date chart displays the total number of user sessions in a day, each day in a specific time period. 

New/Returning visitors

Shows the total number of new visitors, returning visitors and a new vs. returning visitors ratio in a specific time period. 

Traffic channels

The Traffic channels bar chart displays traffic from various sources  in a specific time period. The total number of sessions, transactions and revenue are available when you hover your mouse cursor over each of the traffic sources. 

Most viewed content

Displays the list of the most viewed content on the store website. Click on a list item to open up the content in a new browser tab.



The Simtech Development: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce add-on adds the ability for vendors to have their own Google Analytics account and track what products have been viewed, added to cart and purchased.  The GA Quick View add-on also allows vendors to have their own View ID and track Google Analytics in the store admin panel. To enable this option for vendors, check the Allow vendors to use Google Helper checkbox and enter the authorized redirect URIs in the fields provided in the add-on settings.




After you have enabled the add-on for vendors, go to the add ons tab of the vendor profile page and enter the vendor view ID in the new field provided:




After that, the vendor will see a new section of the panel menu - Website -> GA Quick View.




The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5.0 and above.

Key Features


All our products comply with CS-Cart code architecture and Simtech Development established standards.

Bug-free warranty

To produce free of bugs add-ons, all our products undergo several testing stages.

Adapting to any CS-Cart version

On your request we can adapt the add-on to another CS-Cart version.

30-day money back

If you are not satisfied with the add-on within the first 30 days after the payment, you can get a refund.

Comprehensive documentation

A detailed and step-by-step user guide is written for every add-on.

Easy installation

No extra actions. Without programming knowledge you will be able to install our add-ons.


Add-ons use language variables for all texts and can be edited under Administration → Languages​​ → Translations.

Easy communication

If any questions or issues appear, our managers will contact you back in 24 hours. Email us at any moment: sales@simtechdev.com

100% Open Source

We provide only easy-to-customize add-ons. With the help of developers or on your own, you are able to modify all extensions.

Long-term strategy

We are open to customers' suggestions and constantly updating our products to meet your needs.

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