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We are a team of PHP-skilled developers who love to create complex functionality for the CS-Cart software.

We have been working with CS-Cart since it was released in 2005. Today we are 50+ creative professionals, web developers, integrators, UX designers, project managers, and QA specialists.

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Everyone on the team at Simtech Development knows that today they are working on what will make people’s lives much easier and their business more successful tomorrow. It definitely inspires!

Artem Gavrishin, CEO


Sergei Minyukevich



Olga Ryabova

Head of sales


Roman Ananev

Head of operations department


Anastasia Kozlova

Head of add-ons department


Maksim Komonov

Head of marketing

Why CS-Cart?

We are in love with CS-Cart. In spite of the fact that we have experience working with Magento, Wordpress, and other software, our priority is CS-Cart custom development.

Simtech Development has been working in of the discipline of web development since 2005. Together with the release of CS-Cart, a team of developers was formed within the company that helped software owners improve their online stores.

The team expertise quickly increased from custom development to creation of online stores. The founders of CS-Cart made a decision to separate the custom development team from software architects. The result of these internal reforms was the Simtech Development company.

Today, we launch heavily loaded systems, trading platforms, web stores, and online hypermarkets on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. CS-Cart is the perfect shopping cart solution to launch a personal business and then grow it into an enterprise-level project with our developers’ help. No other software product for ecommerce can give you so many possibilities.

We are still working in the same office with the CS-Cart team. We hold professional meet-ups and corporate parties. We receive advice from CS-Cart architects and in return we give them the inspiration that we get from our clients.

Our web development process

This is our golden recipe: listen to the client attentively, offer the best solutions, work hard, and be demanding.

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